Video and Animation


A picture is worth a thousand words.

There are many learning types that are more effective when supplemented with graphics or videos. Would you rather read about how to take apart a car engine or watch a demonstration?

We have a range of supplementary content for pre and post course usage such as posters, infographics, handouts, website images. We can create static images, animations and short simulation videos to match any topic. Our content can be optimsed delivery through an on-premise or cloud based delivery platform targeting fixed or mobile devices.


eLearning is a very visual mode of learning so having the right graphics to match the content is essential for increasing learner engagement and retention.

We can work with existing content or our team of designers can enhance or create graphics to suit your subject and style. Alternatively, our media team can create new images, graphics, buttons, characters, themes or backgrounds to fit your design requirements.

JAAM creates images, graphics, buttons, characters, themes or backgrounds


Content types such as micro and mobile learning are ideal for animations because they can be used to breakdown complex ideas quickly and can be replayed if required. Animations can be used to create interactions with eLearning content and therefore increase engagement with the course.

Animations can take many forms:

  • Moving characters like cartoons or computer animations
  • Short hand drawn videos can also be course animations
  • Interactive content elements such as buttons, cards, or objects moving on the course page
JAAM animation example


Short video clips can help explain topics more efficiently and are great for visual learners. Video can be used in most eLearning content types and can be used for a variety of subjects as well as an introduction to the course.

There are many options available for videos, we can:

  • Create a short animated video
  • Use existing videos in new or modified content
  • Edit existing video to include interactive elements that help engage and reinforce the topic
  • Add narration or subtitles in other languages to help you get the most out of your investment
JAAM short video example


An infographic is a popular method for quickly and approachably laying out complex information or ideas using a combination of short text and engaging graphics. Our designers create eye-catching infographics for use in social media, the classroom or within learning content. We can combine our graphics with your ideas to create a memorable learning aid.

JAAM infographic example

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