Delivery Methods

Learning Delivery Methods

The choice of content type is strongly affected by the method of delivery as well as the LMS or CMS that will be hosting the content. Therefore, before creating content we establish the expected delivery method(s) to maximise the appeal and accessibility for the learner.

The following sections are some of the most common delivery methods we use.

Delivery Platforms

Digital content comes in a few standardized formats such as SCORM, AICC as well as web-friendly HTML5, this content is intended to be portable between systems.

Alternatively content can be created directly within platforms such as Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas which allows for enhanced content and reporting but generally requires vendor lock-in.

We can create engaging content to work with your chosen platform.

JAAM creates content for many platforms

Mobile Learning

Today's fast-paced business environment requires employees to fit learning around their already busy schedule — in between meetings, on the plane, or sometimes on the sofa which means content needs to be accessible on phones and tablets.

We create HTML5 content that is suitable for delivery over a variety of devices and platforms to help learners continue with their course wherever they are.

JAAM content works on most devices

Micro Learning

Micro learning, also known as bite-sized learning, is currently a popular trend in eLearning and usually refers to creating small (bite sized) courses or breaking a standard course into smaller/shorter topics which can be studied in sort sessions such as a bus or train commute. Micro learning is common for children's content but is also a useful format many technical topics or as additional teaching method for standard eLearning.

We can suggest strategies, learning styles and topics best suited for micro learning as well as create engaging content for your learners.

JAAM creates bite sized learning content

Virtual Learning

Courses offered through either live webinars, virtual classrooms, or recorded sessions are the standard delivery method for eLearning.

JAAM will help you to:

  • Modify your materials to increase engagement in virtual learning environments
  • Create new content to maximise the benefits of using virtual learning
  • Select a suitable platform / virtual learning delivery method
JAAM creates virtual learning content

Instructor Led and Blended Learning

Blended learning is a combination of learning technologies for online learning such as live virtual classroom, self-paced instruction, collaborative learning, streaming video, audio, and text.

At JAAM we can create a range of pre and post class materials including quizzes, posters, study guides and handouts. For virtual instructor led courses we can also offer digital and/or audio versions of most materials. We can create course materials tailored to a classroom based environment which emphasise a group discussion and collaboration.

JAAM creates blended learning content


In a nutshell, gamification is the process of adding engaging interactivity (and possibly with a social element) to learning content. It is not just about playing games but instead puts the emphasis on learning while interacting with the content - and hopefully is enjoyable too! Gamified content usually allows the player some control over the learning objectives and includes one or more elements of: role play, problem solving and decision making.

There are many levels of gamification, our team can help decide the best approach to apply to your content and audience. Next, we can bring the content to life for you as an engaging and stimulating experience. We can assist with creating sounds, graphics and animations if required.

learning while playing on a laptop

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