Custom Content

What is custom eLearning content

Creating bespoke eLearning content means content that fits your requirements like a glove.

Our goal is to make learner centric content using best practices in instructional design and learning theory to engage, inform and retain knowledge to maximize learning outcomes. Content from JAAM can be tailored to match your production value, timeframe and budget.

We will guide you through our finely tuned development process, which is based on Agile principles, ensuring you are involved every step of the way with opportunities for feedback and discussion.

Custom Content

At JAAM the "e" in eLearning equals an effective, engaging and educational experience for the learner.

Elearning content is appropriate for a wide range of organisations, job roles and training situations such as:

  • Onboarding / new hire training
  • Compliance training
  • Sales training
  • Management training
  • Safety and procedural training
  • Supplemental educational training

Our instructional designers tailor your training content using a combination of the right learning methodologies, engaging video, audio effects, professional narration and high quality animations to make each project unique and effective. Depending on the project complexity, your custom content could be ready within weeks!

Find out more about our content types, build process and pricing estimates.

Day in the life of a midwife - custom content example

Elearning Benefits

  • Reduce costs of live training, travel and materials
  • Retain talent and enhance skills through an enjoyable learning experience
  • Measurable onboarding, induction, management and compliance participation
  • Run training programmes 24/7
  • Reuse content for multiple courses
  • Advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches

Media and Delivery

  • Audio

    Enhance your content with voice-over, narration, localisation and sound effects. Our media team have a bank of recorded sounds and effects available.

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  • Video

    We can create static images, animations and short simulation videos or infographics to help explain and increase interaction with your content.

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Audio, Video, Delivery Methods, Learning Styles
  • Delivery Methods

    Delivery methods include: mobile learning, micro learning, virtual learning and gamification. We help you choose the right method to maximise your learner outcomes.

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  • Learning Styles

    Good instructional design is about using the correct learning style for the correct learning outcome. We can help you find the right match.

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