Content Refresh

Content Conversion and Enhancement

Have great content but ...
moved to a new LMS?
want new graphics, images or animations?
its for desktops only?
its not compatible with your new LMS?
the file format is no longer recognised?
Refresh don't replace!

Don't waste valuable content created by your subject matter experts for courses built for Flash, PowerPoint, or paper/classroom based (such as handouts, manuals, checklists, etc.). We can convert these resources into modern HTML5 to allow these course materials to be delivered on desktops, tablets or mobiles.

Content Conversion

We modernise your content using our rapid development tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adapt and Adobe Captivate to ensure your content can be delivered over more modern platforms.

If you have obsolete authoring tool source files we can import and update them. Or we can recreate the content using your existing media assets on a fresh new platform.

Content can also be converted from an old delivery platform into portable SCORM content or into platform specific content so don't worry if you have recently changed your LMS / CMS we can help you transfer your content.

For most projects, you have the option of SCORM compliant or LMS specific content so your content will always work for you!

Find out more about our content types, build process and pricing estimates.

Completed interactive content
Content from the client

Content Enhancement

We can take your old content source files and update them with new text, graphics, sounds or translations. This process can be applied either throughout the entire course or only certain sections that have gone out-of-date, such as new laws, acts or procedures. The look and feel of your content can modified / updated to provide a fresh brand image, match organisation branding guidelines or make the course feel more modern and relevant.

Upgrading content is often quicker and more economical than starting a new project from scratch. This means you can make the most from your original investment and add value to the learning experience for your learners. Win Win!

Find out more about our content types, build process and pricing estimates.

Storyline content enhancement example - Enhanced
Captivate content enhancement example - original

Elearning Benefits

  • Reduce costs of live training, travel and materials
  • Retain talent and enhance skills through an enjoyable learning experience
  • Measurable onboarding, induction, management and compliance participation
  • Run training programmes 24/7
  • Reuse content for multiple courses
  • Advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches

Media and Delivery

  • Audio

    Enhance your content with voice-over, narration, localisation and sound effects. Our media team have a bank of recorded sounds and effects available.

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  • Video

    We can create static images, animations and short simulation videos or infographics to help explain and increase interaction with your content.

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Audio, Video, Delivery Methods, Learning Styles
  • Delivery Methods

    Delivery methods include: mobile learning, micro learning, virtual learning and gamification. We help you choose the right method to maximise your learner outcomes.

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  • Learning Styles

    Good instructional design is about using the correct learning style for the correct learning outcome. We can help you find the right match.

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