Audio and Localisation

Audio Elements

Digital learning should be a multisensory experience.

Audio is essential for some training topics such as languages, scenarios (e.g. call centre training) or simulations. Adding sound helps enhance learning engagement and provides alternative accessibility to the content for visually impaired learners. Our content can support screen readers.

We can provide voice-over narration, localisation and sound effects. We can supply sounds from a bank of recorded sounds and effects, if required, or work with your existing sounds.


Voice-over / narration helps add a human touch to your digital content and improve learner engagement. Narrations can be incorporated into podcasts or audio summaries of content to enhance accessibility. Spoken word scripts can either follow the same script as the written content or provide a separate audio channel for additional information.

JAAM can provide professional voice-over / narration, provided by native speakers, for your content.

  • Voice-overs can be added to existing content
  • Audio only content is available
  • Transcripts of spoken audio can be embedded into content
  • Voice-overs are available in a number of languages, spoken by native speakers
JAAM provides voice-overs and  narration


Translating content can help make the most of your investment by reaching as many learners as possible. Translations can be in the form of audio narration, content subtitles / closed captions or full translations of all content (including buttons, menus and additional materials).

We provide professional narration and text translation, spoken/written by native speakers, of your content. Available in English, Farsi and other languages upon request.

Jaam provides content translation

Sound Effects

Sound Bank

We can incorporate existing sounds and effects into content. We also have a bank of sounds and effects which can be used to enhance or supplement core content sounds to make buttons, interactions and animations more engaging.

User Feedback

Content that uses voice or sound effects for interactions helps provide quick and unambiguous feedback. Feedback can be in the form of sounds, speech or effects supplied by you or from our sound bank.

JAAM sounds and effects image example

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