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JAAM will bridge the gap between familiar classroom content and online content tailored for your learners. We can convert paper based, PowerPoint, Word and Flash into responsive HTML5 content.
We can create content that meets both the learning style and device requirements of your learners. Our content is HTML5 and responsive by design.
JAAM creates content to fit most platforms and devices - from HTML5 content for LMS and mobile learning to classroom and virtual classroom based learning.
JAAM can convert PowerPoint and Word/PDF documents into engaging content. Handouts can be converted into pre-course content such as quizzes or converted into infographics for use during class or in social media.
JAAM can create bespoke and customised content for knowledge experts who need a one-off or short series of courses / simulations on specialised topics.

Consulting Services


When developing your eLearning strategy, maximising learner engagement and interactivity is our priority. JAAM can provide case studies and game based scenarios to create more engaging materials.

Course Advice

We can assess and evaluate your existing course content for enhancements to structure, layout, learning style and interactivity. We can provide a report of recommendations and costs to meet your project’s goals.

Course Media

We can provide supplementary materials for pre and post course usage such as posters, infographics, handouts, and website images/graphics to aid with course marketing, adoption and engagement.


Finding students is hard work. JAAM can help you keep them with recommendations on monitoring, analytics and feedback to ensure course content, length and UX match learners’ expectations.

Your Strategy Defined

Course Advice

Engagement with your learners is one of the most important factors when designing digital content and activities. Whether commercial or academic, JAAM can provide an evaluation of your project idea or existing content compared against a range of learning frameworks such as ADDIE, Bloom’s Taxonomy or Merrill's Principles of Instruction to ensure the outcomes meet your project’s learning objectives.

Additional Media

Sometimes the course content is not enough, there may be marketing, branding or customisation requirements in order to successfully complete a project. We offer additional skills such as content translation, voice-over and other audio effects. We can also create short animations or videos to complement your course as well as additional static images / graphics.

Delivery Advice

In a mobile first generation, learners have higher accessibility expectations for online learning content than ever before. Our content is responsive, HTML5, screen reader and SCORM compliant as standard. Alternatively, our content can also be enhanced to match your preferred LMS. If you are looking for a new platform, we can suggest a suitable LMS for your requirements and provide budget estimates for development. We can provide a range of strategic delivery options from a recommendation report through to an on premise evaluation of learning/training needs and requirements.


Creating an informative and engaging course is important but it can be difficult to determine if the course is engaging with the learner effectively. We can help collect and analyse usage statistics to empirically determine the success of a course. We can provide surveys, feedback forms as well as rates of learner interactions and assessment pass rates using both built-in SCORM measurements and 3rd party tools.

Content Evaluation

We will give your content a digital health check with the goal of looking for ways to improve your digital presence or digitise paper-based content. We will then create a strategy plan with you which will detail: delivery type, costs and timeframes for your project.

Content Design

We work collaboratively with our clients and draw on our talents: instructional and graphic designers, project managers, and your subject matter experts to design and create content and training that has real, measurable impact on your course content.

Custom Development

There are hundreds of LMSs and CMSs to choose from and most have specific content requirements. We can modify your content to work with your chosen platform or provide specific content types, animations, videos, images or sounds to help you complete your project.

Content Support

Our content is thoroughly tested before handover however there is always the chance of issues arising after release. We can provide post-live support to work through any issues. For larger organisations we can provide handover documentation and training.

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