Case Study

Gamification example - money image cut into puzzle piece shapes

Global Training Provider

Redesign existing statutory course materials with informal, game based assessments.


The client had materials that new starters were required to complete before commencing work but the content was out-of-date and the source files had been lost.

Target audience - Internal, induction course

Programme objectives - To complete required modules

Module objectives - This module focused on risk and opportunity, what each stage of the R&O process is and what good behaviours are in terms of addressing their impact.

Content and media - Customised to match the client's branding

Assessment - The assessment was informal, learners were quizzed throughout the module and needed to achieve 70% to pass or retake the module from the start.


Our instructional designers reviewed the current materials and provided a list of enhancement options that could be applied to various parts of the course. We added new professional narration and video to the course and also updated the text.

  • Learners built the jigsaw puzzle by dragging and dropping each piece onto the board
  • As each piece is placed, a lightbox opens with an activity for the learner to complete including a set of questions from a question bank.
  • Replacing each piece of the puzzle reveals revision information on managing budgets, risks and opportunities
  • The session was completed when a minimum score of 70% was achieved.
  • Microlearning
  • Gamification
  • Graphics
  • Professional Narration
  • Video

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