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Screenshot from Healthcare Management eLearning content Screenshot from Healthcare Management eLearning content Screenshot from Healthcare Management eLearning content

Health Care Management

Convert instructor led materials into a 30 minute blended learning course.


The original course was a mixture of PowerPoint slides, Word documents and paper handouts which needed to be converted into 30 minutes of engaging eLearning content.

Target audience - Workplace training for recent graduates

Programme objectives - Maximising effective communication between professionals and their patients in a health care management system

Module objectives - Scenario based content to for health care professionals to manage time, budget and patient management for patients in a health care system

Content and media - Corporate branding colour scheme provided by the client

Assessment - No final assessment


The approach taken in this case was to create real case scenarios for patient referral and treatment followed by a discussion in the forum. The course content was structured as a series of conversations between a health care professional and their patient with the learner taking the role of the health care professional. Final feedback for the learners was provided through direct discussion with tutor(s).

Microlearning was used as the delivery method for this module so that each individual case would cover a single learning objective. Animations and short videos provide extra resources to emphasis key points from the text to the learners. Learners had been given optional questions to ask their patient so that they would have full control of their discovery path. The graphics were created to visualise the demographic data if necessary; such as age, outpatient, ethnic backgrounds etc.

  • Microlearning
  • Animation
  • Case study
  • Blended learning
  • Course conversion
  • Scenario based

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