About Us


JAAM Productions is a small company with big vision when it comes to eLearning.

We specialise in taking complex programmes online from corporate, academics and professional development organisations across many sectors such as health, telecom, retail and accounting.

We use our skills to present your subject matter in an engaging and learner focused way. In addition to bespoke content we also have off-the-shelf packages SCORM that can be modified for many other platforms. Our talented teams can supplement this digital content with animations, videos, graphics, sounds and localisation if required.

JAAM Productions was established in 2013 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. We are a local company that has worldwide connections which helps bring many perspectives to our strategy, planning and development processes.

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Our Mission

Create great learning experiences through the use of established pedagogies, modern technology, robust learning design and learner focused engagement.

Core Values

Technology helps us learn faster

Accessible content is our priority

Learning something new every day

Explain something new every day

Management Team

Image of Maryam Lelos

Maryam Lelos

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I set up JAAM because I want to bring more creative content that puts an emphasis on learning preferences to the eLearning field.

I have over 10 years experience creating digital eLearning content for academic and commercial organisations in the UK. I have also had opportunities to use some of this content for teaching to kids in formal education and CPD level courses for adults.

I have a Masters in eLearning from the University of South Wales and a B.Sc. in Teaching Mathematics from Azad University in Iran.

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Jared Lelos


I co-founded JAAM because I am enthusiastic about giving curious people access to a huge range of topics that can be accessed wherever and whenever they feel like learning.

I help keep the lights on at JAAM. I have over 10 years of hardware and software support, project and development experience in a corporate environment.