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Engaging with JAAM

Let us take your expertise and create engaging, informative and successful eLearning content that is based on sound learning theories and pedagogies. Content from JAAM can be tailored to match your production value, timeframe and budget.

We have years of experience creating content for companies and organisations in the commercial and Higher Education sectors. Our team is looking forward to applying their skills to your next learning project!

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What we love doing

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Custom Content

Elearning content tailored to the needs of your learners

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Content Conversion

Replace outdated Flash and paper materials with modern HTML5 content

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Content Enhancement

Update existing content with new images, sounds, videos and text

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Professional narration and text translation services

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microphone to represent content voice-overs


Narration helps add a human touch to your digital content

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Sound Effects

Enhance learning engagement and provide alternative accessibility

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Creating elearning content on a tablet


Add graphics, images, photos and buttons to your elearning content

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Creating an animation on a tablet


Breakdown complex ideas and provide interaction with elearning content

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video editing on a monitor


Great for sharing knowledge quickly and efficiently. Bring your content alive!

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Elearning Solutions

  • Gamification

    Learn while competitively challenging the user's knowledge and skills. We can create simple or complex games to match your learning objectives and budget.

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  • Micro learning

    Also known as bite-sized learning, this is short self contained chunks of knowledge on a topic. Ideal for mobile learning and busy schedules.

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Online learning tools
  • Mobile Learning

    Responsive HTML5 content for laptops, tablets and phones of all sizes. Flexibility for the learner without sacrificing content quality. Flash content is history!

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  • Blended Learning

    A combination of learning technologies for online learning such as live virtual classroom, self-paced instruction, collaborative learning.

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Who Uses Digital Content

Whether your audience is made up of students, doctors, or accountants there is always a need for learning. Digital courses allow subject matter experts from a broad range of industries and fields to reach learners throughout their organisation or throughout the world.

Elearning content is flexible, cost effective and engaging. It can be repackaged for many devices, learning environments and is appropriate for a wide range of organisations, job roles and training situations such as:

  • Onboarding / new hire training
  • Compliance training
  • Sales training
  • Management training
  • Safety and procedural training
  • Supplemental educational training

JAAM can tailor content to match the needs of specific sectors so as to best match their educational requirements.


Content for younger students to start learning independently or in a classroom.

Higher Education

Content that supports, builds, extends and explores tutorial materials.

Private Training

Content that meets the focused needs of specialised, private institutions.

Workplace Training

Content that is specific to work based environments and hands on learning.


Content that refreshes, updates and extends specialised topics.

Knowledge Experts

Content designed by topic experts who want a short series of courses.

Benefits of eLearning

All Organisations

School, College, University, CPD, Corporate and Subject Matter Experts can all use eLearning for their courses.


Learners can access content in the office on a desktop PC, on a phone on the train or on a tablet on the sofa.


Access the content in bite-sized chunks or work through the whole course in one sitting.

Cost Benefits

Reuse content elements in different courses and on different platforms to get the best value.


Content is accessible even when the tutors are sleeping. Other students are always available via chat and forums.


Content types such as gamification, simulations and case studies can be a more enjoyable learning experience.